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Everyone likes to get ducked, but some ducks aren't like the others. Pick out an Up & Duck for a friend AND yourself, you deserve it!

The Story Behind Up & Duck

Our Mission: To spread the joy of customization and ducking within the Jeep community

Up & Duck reimagines the beloved Jeep ducking tradition with a twist. Imagine a durable duck, designed not just for fun but to endure the rugged adventures of Jeep life.

Each of our ducks, steering wheel in hand and throwing up the famous Jeep Wave, symbolizes the camaraderie, history and adventure spirit of the Jeep community. But it's not just any duck—it's a Tough Duck, made to withstand the elements, just like your Jeep.

Perfect for jeep owners who love to customize or to cherish their duck collection and seek to add a unique, lasting piece. Whether you're hitting the trails or parked at a meet-up, Up & Duck offers a distinctive way to say 'hello' to fellow Jeep enthusiasts and keep the tradition alive in a durable, memorable way.

Join us in taking the beloved ducking tradition to the next level, where every Up & Duck tough duck adds a story to your Jeep journey!

Tag Us #UpandDuck & #DuckDuckJeep and spread the love!

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